Sunday, December 16, 2012

2013 Challenges!!

It's almost 2013!!

Which means a new year of goals, challenges, and changes coming our way!

It's both exciting and daunting!  2012 went by WAY too fast I feel's true what the adults said when I was you get older time flies by ridiculously fast!!

Anyway, here are the challenges I will be participating in this year...

First to NEW challenges I'll be participating in this year...


2013 Spinelli Challenge!

This one is hosted by Auntie Spinelli Reads and the overall goal is to read as many sequel books (anything after book 1 in a series)!

I'm not sure yet how many I'll be reading...I definitely plan on reading...

1. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (#2 in the Lunar Chronicles)
2. Size 12 is the New Black by Meg Cabot (#5 in the Heather Wells Mystery Series)
3. Awaken by Meg Cabot (#3 in the Abandon Trilogy)
4. Requiem by Lauren Oliver (#3 in the Delirium Trilogy)
5. Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard
6. The Lying Game Series by Sara Shepard 
7. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
8. A few Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum books

And whatever else comes my way! :)

The Dusty Bookshelf 2013 Reading Challenge
2013 Dusty Bookshelf Challenge
 Hosted by Books: A True Story, this challenge will most likely be #1 priority next year!  I have SO many books on my shelf waiting to be read, it's ridiculous!

I will be making a tab above, containing my challenges, and this one will include a list of all the books on this shelf:
The Black Shelf of Doom...haha jk a lot I'm really looking forward to reading!
 There are a ton, so my goal is to read at least 20 next year (I also plan to put a dent in my Netgalley books! :) and get some newer ones from the library, plus some of the new releases I'm looking forward to next year! :))

2013 Debut Author Challenge
Hobbitsies is hosting this one this year, it was originally hosted by The Story Siren, but since Kristi has got a very exciting, busy year ahead of her (she is expecting a Girl!!).

For this one I am changing the rules for myself...they won't count towards to the official challenge, but for myself it will count! :)

Because I have that HUGE shelf of books, there are quite a few that were the authors first book! Some were released last year (ex. Legend by Marie Lu, Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood), and some may have been released earlier on!  I am counting those for myself! :)  


Well, technically those were DEBUTS for the author when they came out!

Now if I read any new debuts this year, which I most likely will, thanks to Netgalley, I will count those towards the official challenge and adding them (possibly, if I remember) for the monthly giveaways! I doubt I will remember though haha.

2013 Audio Book Challenge
2013 AudioBook Challenge!
I am really looking forward to this one (I'm listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as I'm writing this!)!  I actually have only ever listened to the Harry Potter books so far!

What I would like to do is listen to some of my favorite books/series! Ones I have already read!  I will NOT be counting them towards my READING books, because technically I'm not reading them, I'm LISTENING to them.  But I am looking forward to hearing a different voice, other than mine, to some of my favorite series!  I want to finish listening to Harry Potter (all of them, I've only got 4-7 left though!), I'd really love to listen to The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, and possibly a couple of others.

If everything goes well, my overall goal is to reach the first level...

Flirting-Listen to 6 Audio Books (it's called).  I figure I've got 3-4 more Harry Potter books left (depending on if I finish Goblet of Fire this year or not), and then 2-3 others! :)
I'll be most likely getting the others (Harry Potter I already own!) through the library (I really hope they have them!!) :)

Now to Repeated challenges!


2013 Ebook Challenge
So far this year I have read 35 ebooks, so I achieved my goal of getting to the DVD level, of reading at least 25 Ebooks! :)

I am going to stick with that goal...and hope to read at least 25 Ebooks next year! :)


So I didn't achieve my goal of reading (or in my case listening to) Harry Potter, but I did listen up to book 3, and currently am on 4, so I have extended this challenge until the end of 2013!  When I finish listening to all the HP books I will post a cumulative review of all them together! :)

#7: My Personal Page Challenge has officially been made into an OFFICIAL Challenge by Avanti's Place!

I am really confident about this one! :) My goal is to hit the MANSION level which is reading over 10,001 pages! Oh yeah, this one is in the bag! lol

My goal for 2012 was to read at least 25,000, and even though I haven't counted them up, I am pretty confident I did it! :)


The ABC Challenge!!
So with some moving around I have been able to accomplish almost all the letter except Q in 2012!  For letters X, Y, Z and Q, and E I was counting any titles that had a word starting with those letters in the title or author's name!

I will doing this challenge again in 2013! And definitely looking forward to it! :)

those are all the Official Challenges I will be participating in 2013! 

Now to some of my personal challenges!

I hope to be able to reread a few of my favorites from the years past.  I'd like to read some books I read years ago before The Romance Bookie, and be able to review them here...but I'd to reread them first of course!  Among those I know I would really like to reread Books 1 and 2 in Simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry Trilogy, I reviewed the third, Chain Reaction last year (2011) when it was first released, but I had read the first two before I started The Romance Bookie!

Another challenge is the Goodreads challenge!  In 2012 I started off with the goal of 60 books, and over time I upped it to 100!  I accomplished it! So I am going to for the time being keep my goal for 100 next year (2013) and if I am able to raise it!

SO I believe those are all the challenges I hope to participate in in 2013! :)

What will you participating in??

Or what are some of your personal reading goals for 2013? :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. WOW! You have so many great challenges here. I am really thrilled you read 100 books in 2013. That is AMAZING! I am still in the 50's. LOL!! I have to recommend READY PLAYER ONE to you for the Audiobook Challenge. It's a great audiobook!! Good luck on these challenges.

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