Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Last Books have been Shelved!!

My last books have OFFICIALLY been shelved!!!

So I don't know if some of you know (I've mentioned this before in the last couple months), but my family and have been moving into our new home!

My little brother and I started about a month ago.  It was a slow process...

My parents have been building our home for the past FIVE years!! For the past five years we've been living in a pretty small home, where we each had our own bedroom (THANK GOD!!), but only ONE bathroom!!

Yes, one bathroom for FOUR people!!! It was insane in the mornings!!

Anyway, we now officially have each our own bathroom!!! :) YAY!!


My dad put up my last shelf today!! :)

I always knew I had an insane amount of books, but didn't truly realize how bad it was, until I started moving them to all my new took about 6 trips!! (luckily, our new house is in the back yard, so I just had to use a wagon, or dolly to cart them all over in boxes!) But still!! 6 trips!!

In my old bedroom, my bookshelves consisted of two shelves, which were wide enough to stack books back to back, so each shelf had two rows of books, one row in front, and one behind the front one.  It was a bit annoying because I couldn't get to some of my favorites, and I hated covering them up! But there just wasn't enough room!

Anyway, my dad built me some gorgeous shelves...the one problem is that I need a ladder to get to my books! It took me forever to figure out the organization system!!  But I THINK I finally figured it out!!

So before I share the pictures of my new shelves now, let me show you the BEFORE picture, of how my new room looked after I had put all my books on my carpet...

Pretty crazy right!!

Anyway, I was able to spray paint one of the bookshelves and am now using it as my shelf of books I have NOT read...

Other than like two books in that shelf, I have not read any of those!!

Now to my finished shelves!!!

These are the three shelves over my desk!  That whole wall, below the shelves, are also book related!! I've got my framed Passion and Prose signatures, in a collage.  Then my Meg Cabot signatures (two frames dedicated to those!), my Simone Elkeles letter and signature is on that wall too! :)  

The top shelf is all my childhood books, including my Chicken Soup collection, Nancy Drew books, the classics I have (both ones I read for high school English classes), and ones I've read for fun! And books I've received from Indie authors as requests to read, and have read and reviewed! :)

The second shelf includes my Pretty Little Liars Series, The Lying Game Series, The Hunger Games, and other YA books!

And the bottom shelf, includes all my favorites that I wouldn't mind rereading one day!  Those include all my Meg Cabot books, Simone Elkeles, Emily Giffin, Nicholas Sparks, and others! :)

 Now this shelf! This shelf is right over my bed which, btw is absolutely gorgeous too!!

I LOVE Purple!! <3
Anyway that bookshelf over my bad has my three favorite series! 

Harry Potter, Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, and my extensive Twilight collection! :)

So that's my new room...I just really wanted to share it with all of you! I swear I don't mean to be bragging, I'm just so excited to finally be spending my nights in it!! :)

Hope everyone has a great week! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Your new room looks lovely - enjoy! As for the bathroom issue, I grew up in a home with only one for four. We washed, cleaned our teeth, brushed hair, with no problem. What do you and your family DO in there that you each need your own?:-)

    1. It wasn't a huge problem, Sue :). But it is definitely nice to be able to enjoy a nice shower, without someone sitting on the toilet next to you! haha

      Plus, it was a SUPER tiny bathroom!!

  2. Wow - you're very lucky! Right now I have the one bookcase for my books, though eventually I will start double-stacking them (one row in front of the other, on the same case). I left a few at my parents' place too.

    Do you have a fireplace in your room too?!

    My aunt and uncle grew up with 5 people and 1 bathroom, they still only have 1 bathroom but now it's just the two of them. :)

    1. Yeah my dad put a fireplace in, I SWEAR I didn't ask for it though!! It just was there one day when he building the room!!! haha

      Anyway, yeah I got used to the one bathroom wasn't a huge deal. I have lived with my parents in much smaller quarters! MUCH SMALLER!! But it is nice now :)

  3. This is so awesome! I LOVE those shelves! :D The whole wall? It's SO SO great. I'd love to do my room in a similar fashion! Gorgeous bed too! ;)

    Congratulations and hope you have lots of fun! :)

  4. I love the bookshelf over the window. I thought about that for my place but I am too lazy to make it and build it. One day! *sigh*

    1. Thank you! And definitely do it when you get the chance. I had my dad do it for me haha, but it's a great space saver, since no one ever uses that space!