Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Dating Intervention by Lynn Ricci

Hey Everyone!

My semester is officially over!!

Which means...5-6 weeks of incredible freedom from school work!!

I will spend the next weeks reading, spending time with family, and working! YES, working!! I got a job!!! Whoo-hoo!! It couldn't have come at a better time!! :)

Anyway, today's book review is on Lynn Ricci's The Dating Intervention!

From Goodreads:

Sometimes life can get in the way of love.

Vanessa had it all: handsome husband, two beautiful children, a lovely home, and a successful career. She was living the dream life she and her friends fantasized about as girls over hot fudge sundaes…but was it the life she really wanted?

Leaving the life she knew behind was difficult enough, but when Vanessa’s attempt at love with someone from her past falls apart, her well-meaning friends decide an intervention is in order. Dating for a single mother is harder than it seems and they quickly discover the dating pool has become a puddle, with each blind date being crazier than the one before.

Can Vanessa find the love she deserves? Or has she given up the best thing she ever had?

My thoughts:

Overall, I truly enjoyed this one!  I admired the main character, Vanessa very much!  Being a single mother, working full time, and just trying to get her feet back out their into the dating world in her early forties has to be difficult! 

This was a very realistic fiction book, in that a lot of women can most likely relate to Vanessa.  If you've been cheated on, raising a child, or children, on your own, I believe this is the book for you!

There were a few humorous dating moments in this one.  Vanessa had the worst luck! A man obsessed with feet, a man with a girlfriend at home, huh! the list goes on and on of bad luck dates Vanessa went on!

At time I will admit I had problems with how she was.  I believe she relied on her parents a bit too much to watch her two girls.  I get that she wanted to date, and be with her friends, and she is a great mother to her girls, but I do believe she took her parents for granted a lot of the times. That bothered me a bit.

Her hesitation towards accepting Naseem fully into her life, got a bit annoying once in a while.  I think she, herself, realized how was too though, which made up for it a bit.  

I loved how she was an artist, because art is just such a great way to express yourself!  Lynn Ricci, the author, herself is a artist! Which is awesome!
You can check out some of her work HERE!

Overall, I recommend this one to single mothers!  However, it's also a good book overall if you're just looking for something fun, yet a bit realistic to fill your day!

My rating:
3 and a half bookies!  I enjoyed it, but am not sure if I'll be rereading it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as possible!  
The Romance Bookie :)

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